Structure of the official exam

Duration of the course: 75 hours, distributed in 4 lessons of 50 minutes per week from Monday to Thursday (check schedules). 19 weeks.

Groups: minimum of 2 students and maximum of 4 in order to encourage interaction.


The SIELE Global exam consists of 4 tests that correspond to the four communicative activities of the language.

It is the most complete way to certify your level of proficiency in Spanish.

Modalidad Global

Prueba 1

Prueba 2

Prueba 3

Prueba 4

Comprensión lectora

Comprensión auditiva

Expresión e interacción escrita

Expresión e interacción orales

The total duration of the exam is 3 hours and the maximum score is 1000 points (each test has a maximum of 250 points). You will receive an internationally recognized certificate valid for two years.