Classes to learn Spanish. Aimed at people interested in learning Spanish as a second language to improve their professional profile or  certify the level of Spanish with official tests, DELE and SIELE.  May simply because they are interested in the Spanish and Hispanic language and culture.

In Study Spanish Web we work in the process of teaching and learning Spanish, through linguistic immersion with activities and Spanish workshops related to the culture and history of Latin America and Spain.

With linguistic immersion, our students lose the fear of communicating orally while acquiring the skills of the language: reading and oral comprehension, written and oral expression. We focus on the acquisition of linguistic competences in each level of Spanish, working on grammar, pragmatics and semantics.

The Spanish classes are through a monthly subscription system where you can enjoy 12 classes each month with individualized attention 24 hours a day. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs. Group classes.

* The groups are composed of a maximum of 8 students. They have a duration of one hour and thirty minutes, 2 classes per week

Fill in your level test and request your free class to have the opportunity to get to know our way of working and establish a first contact with our Spanish school.

Immerse yourself in Spanish, contact us!